Debuting at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, the Super Chief's luxury and styling features were inspired by Super Chief locomotives of the 1950's.


Remarkable for its extreme overall size, the Ford Super Chief required extensive milling of aluminum components (interior and exterior) and oversize aluminum wheels with composite inserts. It also featured: The Triflex fuel system (gasoline, ethanol and hydrogen); a wood interior including steering wheel, headliner, floors, overhead entertainment center, instrument panel, door panel components and consoles; chrome plating of many extremely large components; functioning power overhead TV screen; functioning rear-seat foot ottomans that rise and rotate out of the floor; and power rear slouching seats and console with humidor and cognac tray.

Other notable features include: Patented hinged independent opening front and rear door with no “B” pillar; LED headlights with unique milled acrylic optics; engineered and fabricated power forward opening hood; detailed milled aluminum and chrome engine bay and engine dress up; and laminated glass including full roof.

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